>Beach politics

> Spent the morning with the kids on Shoreham beach. A rather odd hybrid kind of place: a shingle beach with some sandy patches with a rather bleached Mediterranean look because of the heat set between 1960s flats, expensive looking villas and bungalows set behind a rather stagnant looking lagoon (a few with English flags still out), Port Slade power station just visible on the skyline to the East and the Downs and the Adur valley in the background. Politically this equates to a safe Tory seat with a high UKIP vote and a sizeable left-liberal vote split evenly between Labour and Lib Dems.Between making sand castles and collecting seaweed, I intermittently thought over the importance of the collapse of the liberal ex-dissident Civic Movement party in 1992 for Czech politics (its ignominious collapse was a filip for the Right).


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