>Polarization in Hungary (but not in Finland…)


Came across the interesting (if sparsely updated) PolEmics blog of Emilia Palonen, who has done a PhD on political polarization in contemporary Hungary. Although framed in terms of discourse analysis dealing with the ideological construction of polarization which is not intellectually my cup of tea, and centring heavily on now very fashionable area of public/urban space, memorials and memorialisation in CEE, its analysis of specific politicians’ discourses on particular themes are worth reading. There is also useful discussion of the 2007 Finnish elections, the ins-and-outs of the Finnish electoral system and the interesting phenomenon of the Finnish Greens moving from a red-green to a kind of blue-green coalition, although Finland’s ex-agrarian Centre Party and centre-right National Coalition party are not quite understandable in terms of the West European (or even East Central European) centre-right. Finland, it seems, has more of a consensus based tradition of politics despite left-right alternation (of sorts) seemingly rooted in the memory of sharp conflict between Left and Right in the interwar period.

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