>1917 – Austro-Hungarian propaganda.


Someone, who like me has Czech inl aws, passes me a blog link to some Czech language 1917 – Austro-Hungarian propaganda. Small wonder thisThrone and Altar stuff never held Austria-Hungary together, although some Catholic relative seems to have kept it as a family heirloom, rather outdoing my wife’s Moravian relatives who never seem to have shared such religiosity and been bigger fans of the First Czechoslovak Republic. I suppose the Habsburg Empire would be a hard sell even for the best spin doctors, although I expect these days they’d be stressing its single market, lack of borders and common currency. A century on package tours, cheap air travel and well stocked hypermarkets are what unite the peoples of the former Dual Monarchy (and the rest of Europe). Progess of a kind a guess, but in century’s time EU prospectuses about growth, cohesion or peacekeeping discovered on some antique hard drive might seen equally quaint and forlorn.

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