>Golden Brown: How Gordon might have pulled it off?


And here’s a UK election result you won’t see this Thursday – again courtesy of the Prime Minister Forever 2010 computer simulation game: Labour and the Tories tied for the popular vote on 30% with Labour gaining 300 seats and Cameron’s Conservatives way behind on 230, and also marginally behind in terms of popular vote. The Lib Dem advances proves – as in real life and the last simulation I played – hard to stop, but this result is in terms of political consequencs the mirror image of the previous simulation: Lib-Lab co-operation with electoral reform in weak form on Labour’s terms.

The trick? Intensive debate practice for Gordon (he and Nick Clegg drew all three – Cameron as in two of the three real life ones ineffectives – and, of course, keep him away from the voters and stick to set piece events; coupled with a strategy concentrating on attacking the Tories in big cities and the electoral battlegrounds of the North West and Midlandss, more or less sacrificing Labout MPs in the South East and East, who were duly decimated at the hands of the Tories., so their colleagues in London and Birmingham could hand on against the odds. The upside of this from the Labour point of view was also that the low Labour vote in the South allowed the Lib Dems to win a few seats unexpectedly off the Tories – including, wonder of wonders, Mid-Sussex. The Greens, again, picked up Brighton Pavilion.

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