>Czech Far Right Has-Bean


Sládek as Bean 

After a long period of exam season induced hibernation – if that’s the right word in the summer – I’ve completed a conference paper for a workshop on populism The Czech Republicans 1990-1998: Rise and Fall of Populist Radical Right Outsider Party. Not the most entertaining or easy bunch in Czech political history to write about and, as I argue in the paper, very much a part of the short 2-3 year interregnum that followed the immediate aftermath of the Velvet Revolution when all kinds of weird and wonderful parties – Moravian regionalists as a major force, who remembers that? – took the stage in a colourful, but misleading overture to Czech politics proper.

Thankfully, I now no longer need to sit in an overheated office reading the collected works of Miroslav Sládek, the Czech Republic own short-lived would-be Jean Marie Le Pen (and Mr Bean look-a-like: does Rowan Atkinson appreciate his contribution to anti-rascism in the Czech Republic, I wonder?) and occasionally watching strutting his stuff videos of grainy far-right rants in Old Town Square on You Tube. Should you feel, you’ve been missing out you can watch a bit of Czech political history below: a rather small crowd for a national rally by an up and coming radical right movement (as it was then).

Many thanks to Kevin Deegan-Krause for digging out the above  photomontage from his personal archive

2 responses to “>Czech Far Right Has-Bean”

  1. Benicek says :

    >Where is he now?

  2. Sean Hanley says :

    >Good question. He is certainly still around and, as far as can be told, living in some comfort in Brno: he re-constituted the Republicans for the 2010 election and can be seen grey and bearded sitting in an armchair in the guise of a sinister bed time story teller in the party's election broadcasthttp://tinyurl.com/sladek2010with odd echos of the commercial Peter Mandelson made to promote his memoirs. This attempted comeback was a total flop, however, and the banned-but -re-formed Workers Party made all the running on the far-right gaining 1.14% of the vote: actually, a pretty good showing by Czech far-right standards and, indeed, the best extreme right vote since Sladek crashed out of parliament in 1998.

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